Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you...

After spending a few days with my friend in Buffalo, I was amazed at how much time her son spends in school. I too often forget that I have my cherubs for many hours of the day and have a HUGE impact on how they live their lives. I thought about that today as I tried to encourage each and every child. Thank you to my parents who read this blog that you trust me with your children. It makes me appreciate my job more knowing that parents are depending on me to help push their child to be the best they can be.


Sarah Amick said...

Was it like an ah-ha moment? I had one when Sophie started first grade. I had taught first grade for several years but I felt the responsibility when Soph started
1st grade.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is SO SCARY to think that "strangers" are with your children for longer during the day than their own parents are...but it's nice to have teachers like you who truly do care about them and their education. Thanks for all you do, Cathy!


Sarah Amick said...

Hey Cathy,
My post about the sounds was for reader's workshop. It was my mini lesson, stretched longer than a "mini" but worth it. It does not go with our basal, it mostly came from Comprehension connection. It is really helping my students to see that visualizing is about visualizing their connections as well as the new stuff they are taking in too!