Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I was updating my facebook account, my dear friend in Buffalo, NY, mentioned that I should come see I did! How's that for spontaneous?

She checked on train tickets. I went to kickboxing.
She checked with her husband. I showered and packed.
She called me. I called her back. She picked me up. I get to have three amazing days with her family and just enjoy a break away.

The most amazing thing is that several months ago I made the comment that I could come out here for fall break and she mentioned that her parents would be out here, so it wouldn't work...but the dates were mixed up and I ended up being able to come out.

How exciting! I'm such a planner that this is an amazing surprise and a wonderful way to spend my fall break.


Marisa said...

Hope you enjoy yourself this weekend in WNY! You are literally staying 5 minutes from my school. So cool!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! It's great to step out of your comfort zone sometimes and just do something spontaneous. I hope you're having a blast, Cathy!

Have a safe trip home!


Marisa said...

I work at West Street..It's possible that their child goes to my school,i'm not sure about the districting ...the world is so small!