Monday, October 27, 2008


Tonight as my friend and I were wasting time before the semi-final soccer game, we went to our favorite place, Target! Katie and I had bundled up and pulled out the under armor tights and shirts underneath our sweaters and jeans. I was a little warm as I had also added my green puffy vest (Land's End - only $29.50). We wandered through the tights, nothing was screaming my name and were cutting through the pj's before we headed over to sporting goods, when they caught my eye. Flannel pajama pants. Red, white, with a beautiful ribbon...I just had to feel them. After feeling them, I just had to try them on.

Dilemma - Do I go all the way to the dressing room or drop my jeans (remember, I had tights on) and try them on there. Yep...I saw an associate, got permission, and dropped the drawers. I did try and hide behind a rack as I did it and tried on the pants. Satisfied with the pants, I decided to throw the jeans back on. Wouldn't you know, many people started walking my way. I waited for the customers to go by and then I threw the jeans on, threw the puffy vest into the little carrying basket (seriously, Target rocks!), and threw the pants in too.

A few years ago (before losing weight) I don't think I would have been as brave and comfortable with my body...but every day is a new day for me to begin living and taking risks when for so long I just sat on the sidelines.


S said...

Kudos to you. I know how challenging weight loss can be...

BK said...

Congratulations Cathy, there's nothing like a new body to enjoy. I'm in the process of reducing. TIME FOR NEW CLOTHES, even with the economy tanking.