Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you think?

Do any other teachers, during their sharing circle, notice most of the time that students start with, "When Miss **** conferenced with me..."

We've been discussing text to self connections and I am excited to see how the students are already referencing the text (plus I modeled it and then had a student "teach" it). Tomorrow, we get to chat as I read and have them share text to self connections as I read. Soooooo exciting!!!

A funny for you - we are studying the different habitats and my students cannot remember the word temperate. They are calling the it the temporary forest. Oh well...

Today was an exciting moment when I was going over with a student about why she missed what she did on a quiz about small moment stories. She couldn't tell me how writers plan. I asked my class if they felt they were a strong writer, then could they speak with * about her question. I had four students pop over and after she asked they rattled (and I mean rattled) off sticky notes, in your head, on your hand, talk it out, write it on the top of your paper and boxes. Yay!!! Now I just have to make sure they continue to use planning as a great way to organize their ideas!

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