Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Stuf Processing

So while planning would be beneficial for this post...I am going to let the Spirit lead and allow myself to process a bit more of what I learned and am incorporating from our high school church camp. Some background...we take our high school church youth group down to Panama City Beach, FL for five days where we are encouraged, led in worship and taught in the Word by some amazing speakers. This year proved to be no different...We arrived and spent a few hours on the beach before heading into worship and our evening service. The theme this year was Broadcast. Each session began with Live...The following is a brief recap from myself and the big lesson I took from it.

Live Loud - My life is broadcasting some message speaks louder than my words. I will not change who I am until I love...Do I love God enough to change? I broadcast the loudest and most clearly what I desire the most (I am still processing that one...)

Live Clear - Are my actions and beliefs matched? What is the reason that I broadcast what I do? A man's deepest question is do I have what it takes? A woman's deepest desire is to know she's beautiful (as a result I am reading Do You Think I'm Beautiful by Angela Thomas). My Creator paid the ultimate price...therefore I am worth something. I am of highest value.

Live True - I may struggle still with sin, but I am NOT enslaved to it anymore. I am free. We've been designed to hear God's voice and I have to choose between the sensitivity of the Spirit or sensuality. It takes an active participation on my part with the Holy Spirit to transform. So looking back at my frustrations with last week, I must be an active participant. I can say that today, Sunday, I was an active participant. I feel better about how I honored God with my food and choices. Also with this message - it's not necessarily what I'm doing, but what I'm NOT doing because of the sin that I am committing. What else could I be doing with my life?

Live Connected - With Jesus being our teacher..embracing His teachings is difficult. Gossip is the easy way out. Our minds are capable of crazy out the truth. Issues are always bigger in my head than in real life.

Live Louder (surprise speaking from Louie Giglio) - Suffering is a megaphone and God said it the loudest when Christ was crucified. In the long run, I will be happy about the way that God led my life. Suffering can be used to shine God and His glory...I need to get beyond myself and shine for God's glory, no matter what that is in my life - singleness, honoring God with my food and workout habits, being an example to people I work with, and other things in my life.

Live Larger - What am I doing to make an eternal difference? Where is God working? - Then get there... God's heart is for widows and orphans, the broken and the oppressed...What am I doing to change the world?

Live Loved - God has always been pursuing His people...He had the power at any moment to wipe us all out...and He didn't. He continually pursued when we drift, run, and turn. He loves with a love that is unfailing and outdoes everything. He loves with a love that is far reaching and completely filling. I gain my purpose and significance because God has placed His image on me.

I know that that is a lot...maybe you can understand how amazing this camp is...maybe it doesn't make a lot of sense to you. I just needed an outlet to help explain a bit of what I was able to take in during Big Stuf. It sure is big stuff and I am so thankful that I get a chance to go. I'll post some pictures later to show you where I was and what else went on.

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Troy said...

I was going to type up my notes from Big Stuf but I think you just did it for me! Actually much better than I could have done. Thanks. I had a great time hangin out with you along the way. Next year .... no Zaxby's chicken for you! Thanks for giving a hectic week of your life for your girls and living out your passion for Jesus for all to see.