Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things that make me HOT!!!

Just talking about these topics lately make my blood pressure RISE...
1. The reading program that we adopted for our corporation next year. I just don't see how what they provide will push my students to grow in deeper thinking skills than what I did this year. Granted, I think the guided reading will be helpful, but when we aren't going to use the grammar component (you'll have to supplement), the writing component, and the spelling component, then why did we adopt it...
2. Next year - I love my class. I don't want to think about starting over yet. I don't want to think about how our community will be split up and I'll have to start again. I don't want to think of all of the things that I have yet to do for the end of the year.
3. Our writing prompt grading session. I received my class' prompts back. I am not happy. There were four papers that I read that received a 3 on the writing development portion that I feel should have had a 4. So, what's a passing score? A 4. I am upset because not all of the teachers who were "scoring" the prompt were mentored by our writing coach. I am upset because I worked hard with my students and they are great writers - writers who use time passes marks, dialogue, series, action, and description and they still end up with a 3. Ugh!!!
4. And after checking brightroom to see my picture after the half marathon...the photographer (I chose not to use an adjective) took my picture of where I wear my medal and smile WHILE MY EYES WERE CLOSED.

So...anyone else feel like venting? Why couldn't I have had kickboxing tonight? :)

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TeacherMom said...

I am so sorry that you don't like the new reading program. I was so hoping that it would be a better program than the corporation has had. I only have one child left in elementary school, but I had hoped that she would have one great year (she will be in 5th grade)

I teach in a different corporation and read your blog regularly. I feel we probably have similar beliefs abouteducation and Reader's Workshop.

I have been so frustrated in Wawasee's curriculum. I believe there are some great teachers, but I don't feel like they are given much support or direction.

Keep plugging away, the parents appreciate the teachers that do keep up with current best practice!