Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funnies from my students

We were creating the -ock family this week: sock, lock, flock, etc. I came up with frock and explained that it was a dress. One of my cherubs said, "I'm going to ask my mom for a prom frock."

They also had a funny discussion about Satan and 666, but I can't remember exactly how it went. I always love listening to their logic...And if you're wondering why they were discussing 666, we were working on math and they were working with 3 groups of 6 on their math paper.


TeacherMom said...

I never know whether I should respond under the comments on my blog or on the person's blog that made the comment. I am new to this!

Anyway, The Daily Five is a book that I read this year that has changed the look and feel of my room. My 1st graders are now reading for 60 to 90 minutes a day. It works beautifully with reading workshop. It teachers the kids to "build stamina" in reading.

It isn't a book about how to teach it is more about how to set up your schedule and the procedures so that your kids are actively engaged in literacy while you teach.

When using the structure you have 2to 3 minilessons a day. The kids choose one of the daily 5 in 20-30 minute blocks in between these lessons. The Daily 5 are: read to self, read to someone, write, listening center, or word work.

The book itself is pretty cheap (less tha $20.00) and a quick easy read. Another teacher and I started it at the same time and since then 5 of our 7 1st grades use it to some degree.

Have a great last few days! (I am so jealous of your state waiver)

GirlGriot said...

I love it! My first time in Jamaica, I was talking to one of my new friends about none of my on-vacation clothes be nice enough to wear to the evening out she and some of her friends were inviting me to. "Just wear that nice frock you have," she said. Frock?! I've never heard anyone use that word! Never mind that I didn't the dress in question was all that nice, but frock?