Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a Story!

After heading home from a small run (preparing for Saturday), I cancelled my small group get together. They normally come over every Tuesday and hang out. I had just finished eating and was sitting down to relax when my phone rang. My friend, Megan, called and told me that her roommate, Brandy, had to have us come to get her from college. She had headed to her final (and had been sick during the day) an hour away after the professor said it would be hard to make up the lab.

While taking her final, she felt like she was going to pass out...and she did. Her professor took her (carried her) to the student lounge and while coming to (she had been out for about 30 seconds), she projectile vomited on herself AND HER PROFESSOR. Serves her professor right for making her come to the final when she called and told him she was sick.

So Megan and I drove an hour to get her and then I drove her car back (Love the Honda...must say). I am currently sitting with her in the hospital while she gets fluids...and using the free wi-fi. The story, though, is not about how great of a friend I am, it's about the amazing timing of vomit!!! And the reason that as a teacher, we always say, "if you feel sick...go to the bathroom."


Deanna said...

Oh my goodness.... is Brandy okay now?!!

Anonymous said...

At least I got a free t-shirt out of the whole fiasco! AND an A on my test!--Brandy