Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slice of Life Challenge #5 - My Amazing Class

I love what comes out of my students' mouths. I cannot predict, nor do I want to. Their spontaneity is one of the greatest things and most of the time I ask their permission to put their comments on my blog. In fact, some students even preface their comments with...do you want to put this on your blog? That being said...we have been inferring for the past week. Lately, some of their work behaviors have less than perfect. I have asked the students before, "Does anyone want to infer what I am thinking?" Most of the time, they know the answer...today was no different.

They were being loud in the Hive and as I turned to the class and started to say, "Does anyone want to infer...?" One of my boys (who is so incredibly bright, but very black and white thinking) responded with, "Way past ya." Yep, blog-worthy!

I also asked students during their independent recess time (don't ask), about their writing. Both of the girls were writing a non-fiction book about ponies. One of my sweet ones told me that "Even though we're writing the same type of book, it'll be different because our schema is different." I love it! They get it! One of the biggest slices of life that I enjoy is my class. They are a true blessing to me and one of the reasons I adore teaching!


Jane said...


BK said...

It's great to have you share this. I remember feeling the same way before I could even quote kids on a blog. Now my role is to support teachers as they get moving to a place where they can talk with teachers like you about the rewards of the web.

Blink said...

What a great prompt. I never thought of asking my students if they can infer what I am thinking. this could be a great morning meeting discussion. Thanks for the slice.

Jen Barney said...

glad you had a great slice with your treasures!

Jen Barney said...

hey cathy... TWO HOUR DELAY FOR FORT WAYNE! AHHHHH- this will never end, however, i am not complaining to get a little bit of extra quality sleep time.

and... love it that we are all commenting on each post. i have truly enjoyed this!!!