Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slice of Life #1 (A little early...does it count?)

As I was surfing the Internet exploring the many blogs that I read, a noise occurred. Hard to describe the noise, but it sounded like a bird knocked into the side of my house. It was enough of a noise that made my cat pause and take his attack stance. It was enough of a noise for me to go investigate.

I pulled the curtain near the window just to show anyone who might have been outside that there was someone inside. I then noticed that my pantry light was on. I hadn't been home all night and the thought raced through my did that get turned on?

I reach my hand out, take a deep breath, and open up my pantry door...half expecting someone to jump out. Now, let's step out of this for just a moment...what did I really think I was going to accomplish? Scare the intruder with my smelly self (I worked out earlier and just haven't had time to shower yet...I've been busy!)?

After sitting down and taking in many deep breaths to alleviate my racing heartbeat...I remember opening up the pantry door earlier to grab the can of black beans needed for the new recipe my mentor and I made at her house. Lesson - Shut off the light when you're finished with it...and come up with a better plan to scare people!

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