Thursday, February 21, 2008

Old Photos

I've been transferring info onto my Mac...which by the way, I'm able to use all of the keys except the left command key. It's okay though! I have a right one!

I've moved lots of photos and music (I have enough music on my itunes for 1.1!). For those who know me, I've lost weight over the past two years (on purpose), but wish I would have had a before photo...I've found several. Wanted to show a few since this blog is all about me becoming a better person. I'm not saying I wasn't a great person before, (listen to me toot my own horn) but I've become a healthier and more active person who takes better care of herself and wants to do the right thing for her body (getting better). I'm also happier with myself...I see the beauty that was always inside, but yet is finally coming to the surface.

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