Thursday, February 21, 2008


For the past two days, I attended the Debbie Miller conference. I was able to have my book signed by her, had my picture taken with her, saw lots of teachers I knew, had several laughs (at the expense sometimes of others...but all in good humor), and learned many valuable lessons I want to take back into my classroom.

One big one, was the concept that I have wrestled with for a while, but feel reaffirmed in my decision. I am not following the basal this year. I looked at the reading standards, what I knew about second graders, and where I want them to go to set my curriculum this year. Debbie made a comment today about how is a reading company supposed to know on day three that my students will be ready for this skill? They don't! I normally plan a few days at a time...leaving my writing and reading workshops in a more flexible fashion (sometimes blank till the day before). After working and conferring with my students, I have a better idea as to where they are, not some book company that is not in my classroom every day!

It was a very refreshing conference! I'm excited to go back and keep plugging away and trusting myself and my students.

In this photo is Ruth (a great writing coach), myself (cheesy smile), Debbie Miller (Reading with Meaning), and Sarah (of Amick's Articles).


Facilitators from FWCS said...

I found you! The picture is wonderful! As a former 2nd grade teacher, I can connect with your comments so much! I enjoy reading your comments and feeling those
2nd grade teacher-feelings again! Good job!

Jen Barney said...

oh i am too jealous. miss sarah came back on cloud nine. she said that debbie is now her B.F.F! she gave me so many wonderful thoughts!!!! wish i could have been there in body, but i was in spirit! TAKE CARE!