Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pay It Forward challenge

Over Christmas break (while I complaining about being single), I headed to Target because I (since I'm single) can do whatever I want, pretty much whenever I want. As I walked in, I noticed a co-worker...she was so excited to see me! She had forgotten to turn off her lights, so her car's battery was dead. She asked if I had jumper cables...of course I do! What single woman doesn't?

We proceeded to wait for a car to move...I showed her how to jump the car and voila...she was off!

She e-mailed me this week. She went to Target (again) and forgot to turn off her lights (again), but THIS TIME...she went inside, bought jumper cables, had the lady next to her use her car and in the process taught her how to use jumper cables! Two ladies now know how to use jumper cables because I took the time to show her how.

The next time either someone does something nice for you...I challenge you to pay it forward. You might never know the impact it has on this world! Happy paying!!!

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