Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow Days

Ugh! I am getting tired of being in my house! I was really looking forward to having a work day today...I have so much still to get done this week at school. I was planning on having the kids walk to the post office to drop off their written letters...we'll see if that can still get squeezed in. We're going to watch The Polar Express because we'll read the book and then do a Venn diagram to compare/contrast (woo hoo!). And of course there's the ornaments still to make (sorry to all of my parents who it may no longer be a surprise). And yet still in there, we'll do math (telling time and adding), a couple of worksheets to review when to use commas, learning that readers questions as they read (that's why I'm at the library right now...to pick out some great books), and finish up their letters (only 4 to go). And only three days to accomplish it all...wow!!! Oh yeah, I forgot...I want to do centers involving words too: antonyms, synonyms, and compound words. We'll see what gets actually accomplished!


Dina said...

Preach it girl! My lesson plan book is blank and will remain that way. I'll probably fill it in as we go. I even planned for 2 snow days when I was making plans a month ago....oh well! Lifeskills in action (FLEXIBILITY).

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'd really love for you to have a work day, too! LOL These kids are driving me nuts!


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