Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Choose my attitude!

Once again, a little more on the personal side. While I am so excited for all of my friends that are currently dating (and might I say, wonderful guys who treat them well), sometimes I just get a little curious as to when it's going to be my turn...if it will be. Today, and right now, I am going to choose to have a good attitude and enjoy what has been handed me. I have an amazing class that I adore...I really do cherish them most of the time, a house that fits my needs and that I can afford, parents who love and would do anything for me, friends who encourage, support, and challenge me, co-workers who show more support than I do for them (I need to work on that), a church that has helped raise me and provides support (tomorrow I am going to a seminar on disordered eating, I'm really excited about), a cat who runs to the door when I get home (even if he tries to bite me), and my health (I'm able to run more than 4 miles...I never would have thought of that a year ago), and I can't forget my amazing small group girls that challenge me.

Why do I get down about one thing that is not there in my life (and from what I've heard of married friends, sometimes isn't everything that it's cracked up to be :) - the grass is always greener on the other side)?

Today, I will choose my attitude!!!

Thanks all for listening!

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Ms. Mize said...

I agree. I would much rather be single than married to the wrong man.