Saturday, November 17, 2007

Any ideas?

As I am thinking about where I want to take my reading curriculum...where does cause/effect, problem/solution, and these types of reading skills fall into my teaching? Under what strategy would relate well? Asking questions? which will lead to predictions? This is where my lack of experience comes into play.

However, tomorrow at church, I am really excited because I am going to meet and just talk with another second grade teacher who has done reading workshop and writing workshop before and is fabulous!

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Sarah Amick said...

Don't you think that you feel this way because you aren't making the worksheets, and reading all that basal crap that you used to? You question whether your kiddos are getting it or not? Step back and ask yourself, do they know what the effect and cause was? Can they make predictions? Are they inferencing?
My kids do this better than they ever did without worksheets and basal activities! It's because they comprehend better and it isnot done in isolation!!!!! A better chance for transferral of knowledge later!
How are you doing assessment?
Do you see gains there?