Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Comfort Zones

Today marks a new day in my teaching. I am going to try for the first time, reading conferences. I must admit, I'm a little scared. That's probably why I haven't tried it yet...I'm hoping to set it up well by talking with the class before about what they expect of me during a conference and what should I expect of them.

It made me think this morning as I drove in (btw, saw the sunrise, so beautiful) that I'm stepping out of a comfort zone. I've done this a little more each year...talking with the athletically fit at the Y (yes, they can be intimidating) and asking them for ideas in lifting, joining the drama team (you'd be surprised how easy it is to act like a fool in front of your class but incredibly difficult with adults), and even starting this blog (I was traumatized in college when a teacher told me I didn't write well, because I wrote how I talked...gee thanks).

But if I never step out, then God never gets the chance to show his glory and show his splendor in my weakness...so, what are your comfort zones and where are you willing to step out?

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jessicasheets.com said...

So, how did the conferencing go? I always wanted to do that, too, but never had the time to really implement it before the baby came. Way to step out of your comfort zone.