Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's Over!!!

Thankfully, the Valentine's Day craziness is over! After passing out their Valentines and begging for candy, I caved in. They got one piece each...wait till they get home and eat all of the rest. Sorry to the parents. Although, I did receive 2 bags of Dove dark chocolate, a heart of Dove dark chocolate, and Mrs. Field's dark chocolates...and an apple!

Our non-fiction unit is over too. Looking back, I would change my rubric to include types of facts (definition, number, basic information). I'd want to study facts and opinions in this type of writing. We are starting now studying the craft of writing...I'm a little nervous. This will stretch me as a teacher, so here we go! If anyone has great ideas for this, please post away! Keep in mind, it's second grade!

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