Monday, August 3, 2015

Gaining...both on the scale and mentally

So I gained at my weigh in.  Not a big amount.  1.5 pounds.  I'm still at goal.

But I also gained some knowledge.  I eat my feelings.  Duh...

I know I gained because of poor tracking...Um, I think I didn't eat 49 extra points during the week or did I?

I know I gained because I ate when I wasn't hungry.

I know I gained.  But I also gained some power.

After the meeting, I came home and measured my meal and tracked it.  Every lovely bite of the sweet corn that I had bought at a farmer's market down to the gram.  I also had to wait another 3 hours before my hubby would be home.  Three hours to fill.  And I wanted to fill it with food.

I made myself go through why I wanted the food.  The answer was shocking and powerful.  Because I wanted to avoid doing work.  I didn't want to finish the laundry and make the bed and put away the clean clothes in the basket.  I didn't want to wipe off the counters and fill the dishwasher.

I let myself eat my nightly snack of yogurt, pb2, fruit, and cereal.  But tonight, I also made myself eat with a teaspoon.  It slowed me down and made me think.

After sharing with a friend about wanting to avoid doing work and wanting to eat, I hopped to it.  Played some music and got the sheets onto the bed.  Put the new load into the dryer...and now I'm trying to decide if I should do some school work or read...hmmm, avoidance issues???

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