Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What goes around comes around.

I think. I hope I am to my students and others the way Ruth was to me. 

A thoughtful note. Kind words. An encouragement goes a long way. 

And with the afternoon I had, I am so glad I had this to reread. 


elsie said...

Happy days, I can comment! Last week the comment box would never show up. Let me say how jealous I am of you having the influence/inspiration of Ruth so close to you every day. What an awesome note to have in your position to revisit any time you doubt yourself. She makes everyone a better person by knowing her.

LInda Baie said...

Those little things do mean a lot, don't they? So happy you feel the same. And, glad you shared!

Michelle said...

found you blog on slice of life and loved reading. what a great little note!


Robin said...

I always love when a small note finds a big place in someone's heart. Thanks for sharing...jealous you get to hang out with Ruth!

Ruth Ayres said...

Shucks! I didn't know when I wrote you a note it would end up here. I'm glad it was what you needed. I think so often, with little things, we never realize they are really the big things. Keep being you, my friend.

Betsy H said...

What goes around does indeed come around. Your sweetness oozes and sticks to others; I am sure of it. We must find time to re-unite. I remember your energy at ALL WRITE!!! and could use a dose. :) What a lovely note to remind you how awesome you are. <3