Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's that?

My friend is off in a day for language school abroad for a week. She was kind enough to give me her produce since it will go bad before she gets back.

My friends and I had just finished having frozen yogurt at a nearby place with the boy that I babysit. As we got back into the car and headed home, he pulled something from the floor and said, "what's this?"

He handed me what looked like a nectarine. I just assumed it was from my friend.

Then he tells me it came from under the passenger seat.

Oh no! It was an OLD cutie. From when? Don't know. From where? Maybe my lunch bag?

Glad he found it!


Kat said...

Too funny! Glad no one tried to eat it!

travelinma said...

I sometimes forget fruit in my school bag. Banana and books don't get along.

crouchmamma said...

That would just turn into some nice potpourri! But my friend "lost" an boiled Easter Egg in her mini-van! PeEwww!!!