Friday, March 1, 2013

They got it...

We had had a rough week. My class currently has one to one iPads. I feel like part of our reading time has not been as productive because they are more mesmerized with going between books in apps, which they most likely would not do in their book bins.

Today began a lesson in noticing our thinking changing.

True to form, my shallow thinker began his thinking about The Tin Forest with...I think it's about a flower.

As I read, my students started to notice certain things and another boy exclaimed, "I think I know the theme!"

My shallow thinker told me he was mixing his thinking together (referencing our pudding powder into mousse thinking) and shared how his thinking had changed as I read. Two others shared their themes - keep dreaming and never give up hope.

We looked at how our thinking had started with a flower and grew into something else.

The most amazing lesson. Ever.

And then...we read about Harriet Tubman and the class noticed her synthesizing of information. Wow! Can't wait to see their thinking!!!


Carol said...

I love those lessons when you feel like, "Oh my gosh, they got it! They really got it!"
I have an iPad (and a Kindle) but I'm still a hard cover book reader. Not sure I will ever make the switch. I would love to visit a 1-1 classroom, just to see it!

Stacy LeCheminant said...

That must feel good!! Sounds like you're making an impression--I still remember many of the lessons I learned from my elementary/middle/high school teachers. Some of those impressions last a lifetime--keep it up!

Ruth Ayres said...

They must have one awesome teacher. :)