Monday, March 25, 2013

Sliced goodness...

I am weird. There is no denying it.

One thing that adds to my weirdness is my taste in foods. Quite literally.

There's no denying that healthier foods fill my plate more nowadays.

And one of my favorites is on there tonight. I could eat them if they had been frozen, sautéed, tossed in a salad, or my favorite - roasted.

Brussels sprouts!!!

When visiting the grocery store last week, I saw the stalks in the produce section. And into my basket went two of them. And my past four meals have consisted of having a huge helping!!!

It takes me back to the days of being a kid. My mom would serve them from a frozen bag with butter and I imagined I was eating tiny heads of cabbage.

The way of cooking has changed, and the love has grown!!!


Jackie said...

Oh...I did not like brussel sprouts when I was a kid, but now, I like them...fresh ones. I just might have to go get some tomorrow! Jackie

Judy said...

I can't say that brussel sprouts are a favorite, but may have to add them to my cart next week - just for something different.

shogem said...

Funny, my daughter who is a vegan introduced me to brussel sprouts. I had them as a kid and I hated them because they were overcooked and mushy. My daughter sautes them and puts them in salads and she has one me over.