Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setbacks, Failures, and Goals...

For my newer readers, I joined Weight Watchers back in November to lose the 15ish pounds I had gained back from intially starting to lose weight seven years ago. 

I was 5 pounds from my goal (the goal right now is to get to a healthy range and then become lifetime) Monday at 5:58 p.m.  At 5:59 p.m., I was 5.6 pounds from goal.  Ugh!  A gain.

Another gain (last week was up half a pound as well).

So, what do I do? 

Thankfully, there's this amazing lady that sits behind me that has lost 75 pounds and is headed towards 100.  We share each week with each other what our mini-goals for the week are.  Through some reflectiveness on my tracking, I know I have let some things slide and have tweaked a few points here and there.  Could it all be what's derailing me?  That and I never know how shark week affects gains and losses. 

My setback and failure - gaining...again.  Three weeks out of four.

My goal - We decided for each of us (hers is the workout, mine is being a meticulous tracker), the days we do not do as we say we will do, we will pay the other a quarter.  Now, I like her and all, but she's not getting my money!

So, why is this my slice...well, I'm getting there.

I came up with a reward in my mind this morning as I packed my bag for Zumba tonight.  I have these new tanks from Old Navy.  Super cute and I look amazing in them (ha ha).  However, I am not going to wear ANY of my new workout gear until I lose.  I can lose 0.1 and I'll be able to wear one.  Each week - lose and wear a new tank.  I have three new tanks.  That's three weeks of losing and hopefully obtaining my goal of 5.6. 


Kat said...

Goals are good! Keep working and you will definitely get there. That's the thing, right, that it's never really in a constant upward trajectory to reach something!

Chris H. said...

I struggle with this, too. You are persevering and planning action. I bet you will be there before you know it!

Kay said...

Good luck with reaching your goals and wearing those cute new tanks! I admire you for persevering through your temporary setbacks.

Jackie said...

I miss zumba and old navy!! Thanks for posting! March is always an unpleasant journey for me . . . this lightened my load. I don't feel so scattered when I know each of us are fighting our own fight with all we've got. And sometimes the results aren't what we had hoped for, but hope lives on. Bravo!