Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I did it!

Although, I hate celebrating it, because I remember hearing others celebrate their losses and me being upset with the lack of mine. 

I wanted to lose another 1.4 to get my ten pound sticker and earn a massage.  I did...and a little more.  The exact number is not needed, but I made it! 

Which brings me to my thought.  I need to look only at me!  I feel God keeps bringing this lesson back to me.  There was a lady last night who lost 6.6.  The comparison fact popped into my head and I disregarded the importance of my number.  I obviously didn't lose that and I felt my number wasn't that great.

"Cathy, she's fighting a different battle."

A gentle reminder and a bold statement.  I can stand firm in my celebration and celebrate hers too.

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