Monday, February 18, 2013


So if I were to have written this last week, a different theme would have popped out. Obedience.

This week...disobedience.

If it haven't said so before, I am in weight watchers and last week was really good. There was a reason for that.

This week...not so much.

Nonetheless (one of my favorite words - nevertheless and specificity are two others) tomorrow is a new day.

I will keep tracking. Watch my abundance when it comes to snacking. Pay attention to when I am hungry. Drink water. Be honest.

I came home after my meeting and read a chapter in Made to Crave. God is so good. He always feeds me truth when I need it.

Some thoughts from the book - I get tired of sacrificing and my self effort wears thin. Check and check. Food will not make me feel emotionally better. I need to tattoo that one on.

Your mercies are new each day. Thank you!!!

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