Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Thoughts

Lately, people are starting to notice a few more pounds that have come off.  I decided I needed more help and more accountability.  (When you live alone, there is NO ONE when you eat most meals, and I am definitely lacking self-control.)  Therefore, I joined Weight Watchers.

I am being honest (most of the time - Christmas vacation was a little tough).  I am being held accountable.  I am seeing results from good choices.

And for the first time, readers, a new thought popped into my head last night during my workout.

Looking into the mirror, I began the "I don't like..." thoughts and then stopped.  I like my shoulders.  I am seeing definition in my upper body, AND I liked how my legs looked last night in my workout pants.  They looked strong, muscular, and allow me to move and workout.  Now while I may not like them yet in shorts, I don't EVER remember a time where I was okay with my legs, let alone say they look good.

Progress, people, progress.

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