Monday, March 26, 2012


My uncle is carrying on the tradition.  I never realized how amazing farm fresh eggs are.  When my grandparents passed away, my uncle took on the farm and has slowly built up some chickens.  He sells brown eggs for $1.50 a dozen.  I get the family discount ($1 and sometimes even free)!

Tonight, I ran out to the farm and instantly my brain is flooded with memories of spending time there as a child.  The stones that line the entry way to the door.  Tracing my hands over those rocks, waiting for my mom to say good-bye.  Rolling down the hill (it was monstrous as a child and now I wonder why it's so small) to the garden.  Picking green beans in the gigantic garden.  Jumping over the cement valleys near the barn, imagining creepy, crawly monsters below.  Walking the asphalt driveway with my grandma.  But my favorite memory is when we left.

Three honks when we were leaving the driveway.  Always.  Three.  I love you.  Another chance to say it.  In case something happened before we got another chance to say it.

It's a tradition I carry on now to my family.  Leaving my mom's.  Leaving my dad's.  Leaving my sister's.  Leaving my grandpa.

And today.  Leaving the farm.  It's tradition...I have to do it.

So, readers, if I ever honk at your house three'll understand why and hopefully you'll feel the love in the honks.

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Tam said...

Love it. We honk when we leave, too, but just a bunch of honks!! Keep recording those family memories before you forget them. My kids love reading about my past. I have all boys and I never really shared too much about my youth. Now they know more from my blog!