Friday, March 30, 2012


I have a treasure chest where I buy trinkets for the clas as rewards. Unfortunately, it is now put away. A student chose this squishy duck as his prize for having a reward ticket drawn this morning. The duck disappeared during lunch. Looking back, I should have just cleaned out desks myself. Hindsight is always 20-20. While I asked the kids to look for it, another teacher called and as I turned my back, it "magically" appeared on the floor under many desks. I had been watching that area to see who might have found it. Argh!!! Turning my back cost me a lot of grief. I gave the culprit ample time to fess up. Heads peeking chance. Confess on a piece of paper chance. Talk to the principal chance. Talk to our second grade para chance. I took our fun activities away. Gave the guilt trip talk of how they will remember this lie for the rest of their life. Nothing!!! And yes, readers, I cried. My heart broke for a child in my room who has to lie and lie and lie and doesn't get it. Then my girls began to cry. It was a bad day. We went to gym. Went to recess. Came in...and wouldn't you know? Another person's prize from the chest came up missing. I guess they didn't learn their lesson... Any advice?

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Deanna H said...

That is a hard one. I'm shocked that another treasure went missing right after all that. I don't have any advice. Good luck though!
A couple of years ago we had a kid who would go into the boys bathroom and smear (with bare hands) poop EVERYWHERE. We had no idea who it was. We had kids sign out to go to the bathroom, we did the buddy system, the whole school was stressed. Kids were getting scared and grossed out to even use the bathroom. Then the custodian set up a hidden camera to film just the entrance. Caught! A second grade boy that must of had a lot of problems.