Thursday, March 8, 2012

Air Raids

I had stayed after the meeting of the club that I sponsor at school.  There's something comforting about being there later than most and just reveling in the quiet.  As I was reading my students' notebooks (studying synthesis and what that looks like in reading), I was frustrated with the lack of thought that seemed to go to into their writing.

I headed over to our literacy coach's room and poked my head in the door.  As we got to talking (she's a fellow slicer, so that was one of our topics), I helped her with various technology questions.  She helped me by finding different books I could use.

Suddenly, a siren went off.  I assumed it was her phone.  No such luck.  According to her computer, it was going to shut off in five minutes unless she did something.

Um, that means my computer is also making that sound.  I leaped up, raced to my room and flung open the door.  Sure enough, since I had been listening to Pandora (quite loudly) before I went into her room, the alert signal was blaring!!!

I'm not trying to make light of countries that have had and currently have air raids, but if we were to have one, I am assuming this is what it would sound like.  It was quite loud.  I quickly pressed all the buttons that needed to happen and then went back over to my friend's room.

She was still somewhat panicking because she wasn't sure exactly what to do.  As we pressed the okay button, we clicked on another program.  Abort, abort, abort!  Clicking the next button allowed the program to stop and off we went on our merry ways.

Got a good laugh and a great slice!

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Delighted said...

Yikes! That would have really scared me! I'm glad that you survived the raid!

First Grade Delight