Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tonight I sit here feeling so incredibly blessed.
I began the day with hugs and hellos from students in the hallway.
I ended my school day with my old second graders bursting into my room to give me a hug.
I spent the afternoon with my dad and his wife.  I forgot how much I love seeing his face. I stood and just watched as they drove away.  I hugged him extra tight tonight.
I used a Groupon on a student massage.  Amazing!  My body is relaxed and so is my mind.  I didn't grade.  I didn't really plan.  I had a night off of school.

As I type tonight, the sun is setting, the breeze is blowing in my newly installed upstairs windows, and I am listening to worship on Pandora.

It's good to be still.  I needed this.  Thank you, Father, for such a day where I could just breathe.

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