Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a deal!!!

I stopped at the grocery store last night...Wednesday is the final days of the week long sale at the store and I was going to be headed out town that night.

Let me just tell you...I hit the jackpot!

I am not ashamed of the clearance items.  Due to my father's love for discount stores, I have picked up a few tricks.  I remember when we were in grade school how he would take us around and teach us what to look for.

I bought

  • 4 bags of steamable veggies (broccoli slaw and carrots and sugar snap peas) for 99 cents (normally 2 for $4)
  • 3 boxes of jasmine rice (6 servings each) for 99 cents
  • 2 boxes of VitaTop muffins (cranberry bran - not my favorite, but I'm up for trying them...maybe with some chocolate) for $1.29, normally over $5.
  • 3 boxes of organic mushrooms for half off...only $1.29
Woo hoo!  I love my vegetables...and I love them more when they are on sale or for cheap!

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