Thursday, July 28, 2011


The people that lived here before me created a disservice in the bathroom.  What I don't like, they did.  I replaced hardware and painted as I could, but to put one single row of tile (baby blue) along with cream tiles throughout the shower...come on!?!  And then, because they truly knew what they were doing, they painted the hardware into the wall because painted screws and poles look better.  What were they thinking???

I do not have the money to redo the bathroom the way I want to, but I can make changes here and there.  So begins the adventure.

First a shower curtain.  Make that a curtain.  The problem is, there's no holes.  And I can't get the shower rod out of the painted hardware.  A double shower rod costs more than $50...out of the question (plus it wouldn't fit the smaller width of my shower).  My mom came to the rescue!  

Her sewing machine makes button holes...yay!!!

These little double hooks saved me!!!  And only cost $15.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond, thank you!

And tonight, I can reveal my new bathroom!!!


 Thoughts???  No, you cannot hire my mother, but I'm sure she'd appreciate the thought!

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