Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slice of Life - Running

Every now and again I look at other people.  One thought that will often pop into my head is, if they feel comfortable wearing that, then why can't I?  Why can't I pull on a pair of shorts, go out the door, and hold my head up high?  

In order to do something about it and to stop dishonoring my body, I am using Calorie Counter on my iPad (for the most part) and strive between 1200 and 1600 calories a day.  I am shooting for more protein.

Another task was hiring a personal trainer who has a passion for transformation.  Our first session had my bum hurting for two days to even sit down or move from any position.  

The second session occurred tonight.  I had asked what I should do for a workout on Monday knowing that Tuesday we'd be working together.  He suggested cardio...I wanted to make sure we weren't running Tuesday.  He said we were running...sort of.  Not good! 

Because he is training a friend of mine for a run, I knew that he loved to do hill sprints.  

I was scheduled to meet him at his house at 5:45, but got a text asking me to meet him at this hill that is popular in our little village.  Oh crap!

Who knew that trying to pick your feet up to just propel them forward was so hard?  Who knew that trying to sprint up a hill would make me feel like my legs were leadbricks? giant blocks of cement? giant tree trunks?  Goodness gracious.  After we ran up the hills, you'd think coming down was just as easy.  Wrong!  I almost thought my jelly legs were going to cave under me as I went down the stairs.  Thankfully, no falls occurred during this workout.

When you thought it couldn't get worse running up, he decided we'd go up backwards.  My calves officially hate me.  My left and my right leg equally hate me because he also had me go up sideways shuffling.  

Then the sprints came.  Four of them.  The first three allowed me to only sprint a part of the hill at a time.  The final was a full out sprint for the whole hill.  Whether you could call it a sprint or not, I busted my bum to get up there.  

After he left for a family dinner, I stayed and lunged up the stairs and then ran the stairs three times.  I will get into those shorts and feel good.  Sleep will be good tonight!  


elsie said...

Sleep may be good tonight but I would be crawling out of bed in the morning, that is if I could crawl. Good luck with your goal, you will be successful.

Christi.Overman said...

Hilarious! Glad it wasn't me. I was doing a really really hard Biggest Loser Wii workout one night...my MIL was there...I finally was like, "I don't care if I'm a size 10!!! I like it!!! This is awful and I'm done with it!" And I was. Ha! Haven't done it since. I've decided I like my size 10 booty more than I want to listen to Bob and Jillian!

teacherdance said...

The writing was a good sprint, too. Good for you for finding a trainer & committing to a plan. Hope you endure in the am!

Dina said...

I hope you were able to get out of bed this morning. I started a new workout yesterday and I had some groans this morning. Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth G. said...

Good for you for continuing to go back day after day. My knees would have given up. Those hard workout are always rewarding afterwards though. Hope you were able to get your legs to cooperate the next morning.