Friday, March 11, 2011

Student Slicing

Sometimes I yell at my students for making noises. Yell is not the word, but I know I definitely snap after hearing the same noises over and over and over.

But, on Thursday, the opposite happened. What follows is one of my student's slices...

I was reading, then suddenly something popped. Then Miss Cathy said, "I was messing around."

I had been playing with a plastic glove and was wrapping it around my hands while I was talking with someone else in my room. And yes, the pressure built and then exploded. It wouldn't have been so bad, except the class was reading and for once, they were silent...I felt awful. It was definitely ironic and very funny when looking back.

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Sprice said...

Oh, I can identify with this! I have had something like this happen to me. It never fails. When they are quiet, i'm the one that makes noise! Love it! Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your friendship and mentoring too! :)