Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have had the pleasure of attending a great reading conference the past few days. After having some books (they're in Chinese!) autographed by the author, I decided to head back through the long and winding skywalk to unload my 31 bag that was causing my left shoulder to be lower than my right. (It's not the bag's's mine. I'm carrying too much stuff.)

I left the hotel where the breakfast was and headed back. As I walked, I noticed something. I was alone. Completely alone. No one in front of me. No one beside me. No one behind me.

It was like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

I love being with people. I thrive on being extroverted. But today, it was nice to have a moment all to myself.

Solace in the solitude of being single.

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elsie said...

I know the story of too many things in the bag, especially at a conference. I really like your alliteration in the final sentence.