Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pudding Pie Panic!

It began last night. It exploded this morning.

Every week, I reward slicers who write four or more slices in a week. They then get to share a "slice" of food with me at lunchtime. We've had orange slices, slices of strawberries and bananas, and today we were going to have slices of chocolate pie.

Last night I mixed the chocolate pudding, poured it into the crust, and then put it in the frig to set up overnight.


This morning, while I was multi-tasking, I opened the frig door to pull out the pie. I could tell as soon as I began lifting it out, that something was wrong. It wasn't stiff. It was as runny as the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory. Deciding to investigate, I set it on the counter and took off the lid.

Now, I'm not a scientist, but Murphy's law was in full motion today. And once the chocolate liquid was in motion, it continued in motion...all over my countertops, my kitchen floor, and my clothes. I have never seen so much liquid everywhere. Splosh, splish, splash!

After mopping up the floor, wiping off the counters, and rinsing out my clothes, I looked at the culprit. I must have had a bad batch of pudding. The box was lying on the counter (soaked in chocolate liquid). In an instant, I knew what was wrong. It read, "Cook and serve". Whoops!

And after sharing this story with my students today, one of them encouraged me to do a better job of reading directions. I only smiled back. At least they can learn from my example!


Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy reading yours. I thought I would share the joy.

Sprice said...

Oh, believe me, this has happened to me. Don't tell anyone. When a FACS teacher has it happen, you know it's bad. You handled it well. I loved the way you wrote this. "Splosh, splish, splash" I'm not sure I have them in order but it was truly original! Your humorous voice came through. Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :)