Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I read many food blogs. I dabble in creating my own versions with what I have in my house or according to my eating habits. There's a baked oatmeal that I'm hoping to adapt to my plethora of quick-cooking steel cut oats (Thanks Aldi's). I tried my own version Sunday and after discovering that the coating to my non-stick pans from Pampered Chef are now releasing their coating onto my food...

So, begins a new version tonight. I've learned my lessons. Glass bakeware and DO NOT use reduced-fat peanut butter (it doesn't seem to melt).

I threw in some oats, water, and some baking soda. I mashed up two bananas into the concoction and beat in two eggs. I sprinkled cinnamon on top and then stirred it together again. I'm hoping that by letting the oats soak up the water overnight, I will just have to throw it into the oven in the morning to bake while I get ready for the day.

As I patted myself on the back mentally, I grabbed the foil and with a flourish ripped off a sheet only to remember that the first step in the baked oatmeal recipe from the blog was to pour the oats into a greased pan. Oops...guess we'll see tomorrow morning if that step is a necessity or merely a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

man...you've made me hungry for oatmeal! i hope it turns out wonderful.

laurelwong said...

I was similarly surprised to find that non-stick always comes off in the end... No one ever says this before you buy. But thank you for explaining the peanut butter tip because I wouldn't have guessed that. What is your favorite cooking memory? Or an unforgettable one?

Becky said...

Being one who also loves a trying a new recipe I was right there with you visualizing the oatmeal concoction. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Your slice has me smiling. I love your tenacity -- not just in the kitchen, but in everything you do. So glad you are slicing with me this month.