Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Hi," came the single word. And then I realized that it wasn't the boy I babysit, but the fifteen-month old. She had finally said, "Hi," on the phone to me.

As we put on her sweatshirt and hat, we headed out for a walk. Her brother and his friend rode their bikes up ahead. Every 20 feet or so, she'd pop her head backwards and say, "Hi."

Such a small word. Such a powerful word. It can open doors and make people feel at ease. It has the power to create friends and bring light to people who are in the dark.

Who will you say "Hi" to?


grade4wizard said...

This was sweet. I find that a simple "Hi" or a smile and a wave of a hand is even better than "How are you?" that actually doesn't expect an answer.

GirlGriot said...

Oh, Cathy, this is so sweet! I'm with Terje, preferring the more sincere "Hi" to the virtually meaningless "How are you?"

I just love the image of the baby turning to say hi to you every few yards. That was completely precious.