Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It is with sad regret that I share this slice with you. I committed the unthinkable. And it is only with thankfulness at the child's response that I can feel that everything is okay.

My southern belle had vanished this afternoon, and I didn't know until the nurse called. She hadn't felt well all day and I had sent her earlier.

While the students were working through some independent math, I received a phone call and was instructed to pick up. It turned out that my southern belle had snuck down to the nurse's office without telling me.

I decided to talk with her at recess than talk about it in front of other students. After making our way outside, I had my cell phone and a cup of snack in my hand (hadn't been able to eat the afternoon snack due to teaching and working with students). I began talking with her about leaving the room without permission. And then it I was talking, a piece of food, really a small particle, flew out of my mouth and right onto her jacket. I was mortified.

I reached forward, wiped off the food, and apologized. She replied, "That's okay," and we were back to the conversation. She didn't bring it up again that afternoon.

I know she has her problems, but she definitely is full of kindness! For that I am thankful.

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