Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It was said as a joke. Due to gas prices rising, I am carpooling with a dear friend and co-worker. We meet at the local Kohl's and then drive together the rest of the way. Saves me 10 miles there and 10 back.

As we neared my car, I joked about how funny it would be if I didn't have my keys. I looked through my purse to grab my massive keychain characterized by a green carabiner. Couldn't seem to find it right away. No problem, just dig deeper. I had shaken my purse before leaving school and had heard the keys.

Looked again, nothing.

Then it got serious...I pulled out my camera, my wallets (one for Dave and one for others), my cellphone, my Flip, and my iPod. Number one - too much technology. Number two - I've got to organize my purse better. The keys were nowhere! Checked the coat pockets, nothing.

My friend offered to drive me back to school to get them, but I did the next best thing. Called mom. She was at home with a spare set to my house where I had a spare car key.

I waited in the lobby, read my book club book, and sheepishly explained to my other co-worker who walked out why I was there. After calling the school and talking with another co-worker, the keys were found right by my computer in the basket where I place my purse every day. I'll know better tomorrow to clip my keys onto the purse.

Looking back, I can laugh at the irony of the situation. I am extremely grateful tonight for caring friends, family who can help, and spare keys.


Anonymous said...

That is the worst feeling when you can't find those oh so important keys!

Anonymous said...

I like the 'Number one' and then 'Number two' part. Totally felt like you were talking to me. Loved the flow of the post. Thanks for sharing - and so glad you found your keys. ")MaryHelen

Anonymous said...

I hate when I can't find my keys--

What a great slice though..