Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Near my town is another town. Nestled in that town are some woods. Hidden throughout those woods are trails. And those trails are where my feet took me today. But not forwards. Backwards.

It's interesting when you take a trail that you know up, down, left, and right, backwards. I found myself turning around to see if it looked right. My feet found roots that it normally didn't touch.

What was normal were the sounds that I heard. Leaves rustling. Frogs and crickets singing to each other. Bikers racing through the trails. My feet crunching the leaves beneath them.

I love those trails. Forwards or backwards. Those trails keep me breathing fresh air. They keep me running. They keep me balanced.

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Wanda Brown said...

When I saw, "Backwards" I had to read your post. I love everything backwards (planning, subtraction, division) but I cannot say I have ever taken a trail backwards...I am going to try it.