Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apology Accepted

During our Accelerated Math time, students were independently working. As I looked at the students that weren't, I inquired as to what was going on with their work load. One of my girls had a practice and wasn't working on it. I asked why and she told me she couldn't find it.

That it unacceptable! I had given it to her for homework and she is one of my overachievers. She took home her informational book and wrote tons! So, you can understand why this irresponsibility was uncalled for and out of the ordinary.

After I had exhausted the possibilities of where it could be, I printed her a new one and then began working with other students.

My hater now lover of reading came up and had her practice stapled to his. Whose fault is this? Mine! I had stapled them earlier and just didn't see it.

Walking towards her with my tail between my legs, I apologized profusely (we had just a lesson on more authentic and sincere apologies). I asked if she would forgive me and she said, "I couldn't stay mad at my favorite teacher."

My heart melted...

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Lynnelle said...

Oh, I love how it ended!! So glad that she was able to see how apologies should be done. If/when we make mistakes it's just as important for them to see us apologize. Great slice!!