Thursday, March 10, 2011

And here I go again...

I realize it's petty. I realize it's wrong. I realize that it's cheap! And while I was all ready to slice about a child chewing me out for the F he earned on his report card and how I had popped a glove while the kids were reading (and it was the quietest they had been all day), I am writing about my frustration.

I have no right to be frustrated. I have every right to be grateful, and I was just easier before.

See, I had free wi-fi...thanks to my neighbor. Normally, I can access wi-fi sitting on my bed with my computer facing the window. It's not always convenient and the signal isn't the greatest. I discovered that I had another unsecure wi-fi spot downstairs and it was AMAZING! I could actually pull up my Google Reader while I was downstairs listening to music, or just check e-mail every now and again in the evening. It made blogging easier.

I logged on tonight and NOTHING. Ugh! What happened, I don't know. I'm hoping it's a temporary glitch and maybe the bill didn't get paid and they'll get it taken care of next week. So, for now, I sit on my bed and type.

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Ruth said...

Technology can be a pain sometimes--and once we get a taste, it's hard to go without!