Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tonight, I had the honor and privilege of finishing up a hat for a mom-like woman in my life. She is currently battling cancer and wanted me to knit up a hat that was softer than what she already had.

After my play practice tonight, I headed over to finish it up. One hour later, the hat was on and after she showed me another one that someone else had made for her (think fuzzy blue slippers), I was headed out.

As I drove home, I thought about how she is facing the battle head on. She's not one for self-pity and her attitude is energizing. We discussed spiritual growth, basketball, family, her Christmas trip, all of the vitamins and medicines she is taking, and where she is finding support.

Most of all, I love how she has shared her and her husband's spiritual growth. It's a new side of them and while I have known all along that they are believers, it's at the forefront of their life right now.

I am excited to join the battle with her.

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melanie said...

i love your blog - so happy i found it!