Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Apparently, our state thinks that students that have nits and lice in their hair are okay to be in school. We can't send them home if they have it anymore.

And unfortunately, it's been a good year for the louse. He and his family have been visiting several students in my grade level and it's traveled into my classroom. I've taken the pillows home, brought trash bags in, and sent myself to the nurse just to check.

In ten years of teaching, I have NEVER gotten lice. I went to Honduras and didn't get lice. Somehow this year I did.

I felt like a leper. I still feel like one. I don't feel clean. I'm frustrated. I'm tired of cleaning. I'm grateful for a friend who has now cleaned my hair out twice. I'm thankful for parents of students and friends who have volunteered to come and help me clean.

We only found five eggs tonight. Doesn't that just creep you out? You want to scratch your head now, don't you?

I wish they were gone. I miss my down comforter. I miss my fancy pillows. I miss my scarves. I miss my second down comforter. I'm thankful that my house seems pretty clean.

Go away, louse, go away!

If you're reading this, and you can relate, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


AllisonTheeonn said...

Cathy, I can relate. I had it once in high school thanks to a student giving it to my sister and she felt the need to share. WE discovered that vinegar was the best solution. My hair was the same color as the eggs and it was horrible. I felt like a leper also. Fortunately, I was able to catch it soon enough it wasn't horrible, but I remember having to scour everything and there are some days where just seeing a bug sends me back to those days and makes me panic, just a little bit! Good luck! I hope you can get back to normal soon! I think it's wrong that kids can't be sent home for that any longer. That's a mess that no one needs.

Gail Crone said...

Ughh....that stinks, Cathy! We have had a ton of lice going around our school too!

Anonymous said...

As a parent of kids that attend your school. This has been very upsetting news. My children have never had this problem before. I have my fingers crossed that they will continue to not have this problem. I have been having conversations with them about sharing hats, scarves, hair brushes, hugging friends, etc. I still worry because I know that just standing in line they can catch it from a child. I think these kids should not be allowed to stay in school with it. Great! Now my head itches.

TeacherMom said...

First, it's not a state thing. The state says that kids don't have to be sent home, but the school is allowed to make its own policy. Thank goodness my school still sends kids home.

Second, my daughter (Syracuse Elementary) got lice in third grade. They didn't send kids home either :( I second the suggestion of vinegar! We fought them for a couple weeks, cleaned everything, bagged up all soft items from her room, etc. Finally I read somewhere to rinse with vinegar each time she shampooed. It worked wonders and her hair was really soft!

Good Luck! I need to go scratch my head now...

Karen Laker said...

I still love you and don't think of you as a leper. :)

You want to meet in Kokomo Sunday? Maybe get some time away from the house?

Elena & Cristóbal said...

También soy profesora... y eso de los piojos es un problema en la sala de clases... les tengo repugnacia a esas cosas

Anonymous said...

Ah, that sucks. When I was younger I was always catching lice off the other kids in my class - it seemed like I was the only one intent on getting rid of them. I suppose that tells you something about the type of school I went to as a child.

Anyway, I found that putting a couple of drops of teatree oil into my shampoo and leaving it on for a few mins before rinsing helped to keep the pests at bay - and it smells nicer than vinegar :)