Monday, December 13, 2010

Smiles all around

After talking with my Star Wars boy, I had to write down as he was talking. I just laughed and laughed (inside, of course).

First, he wanted to know what a gizzard was after looking at diagrams of dinosaurs. I read the article off of Wikipedia. He couldn't see to figure out how to open up the Internet. Apparently at his house, "it just poofs up on his computer."

We talked about digestion. He had had salad "with the red sauce" at lunch. I tried to explain how it broke down into smaller pieces so his body could use it and the path that the broken up food takes. He had heard of "instines", which I taught him the correct word for intestines.

I then explained how a bird, at which point he interrupts me and tells me "You need to be specific. What kind of bird?" I guess that's what I get for asking them to be specific with their choice of nouns.

I think at the end of the conversation he knows a little more about gizzards...maybe.

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