Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh my

I send home assignment sheets and each time the students bring them back, they earn a stamp. Ten stamps equals something from the treasure chest...ooooooohhhhh.

One of my sweet cherubs asked if I had upgraded the chart yet. I smiled and told him, "No, I have not updated it yet."

Thank you technology.

Also, today, we were creating the ore and orn family in my guided reading group. One of the kids had written an inappropriate word and I casually glanced over it and said that wasn't a word. (It started with a p.) Not wanting to teach that, I noticed another girl had written it down. Again...not a word. She said, "Yeah, like poured a drink." Ohhhhh...yeah, let's talk about endings of sounds. I quickly showed them the difference between pour and poured. Whew!

Then, I gathered a group to talk about why they had missed writing the date on their math paper. We were trying to come up with (okay, they were) what year we could write for 07. Nothing...and because of what I said, here comes the conversation.

"0h 7"
"J 7"

Get it? He was thinking the letter o and came up with another letter. Clever, but wrong! I smiled and wrote it down before I forgot!

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