Monday, October 25, 2010

Thankfulness early...

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'll try to post daily on FB what I am thankful for, but tonight is a huge one! My water heater was leaking water yesterday. Guess that means it's the way, I can't stand hearing, "The joys of a homeowner." I bought one yesterday at a local store and they can't deliver it until next Monday for the installation. No problem...the guy at the store told me I probably had another month on it.


I had no hot water this morning. After several phone calls, we found someone who can come tomorrow and it might be cheaper (fingers crossed).

So, what am I thankful for?
  • Thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan, I have money (cash) set aside for this. My save for a newer car is just put on a little hold.
  • I have many friends who offered houses and showers.
  • I took an amazing hot shower at my friend's house tonight down the street.
  • As I stood there LOVING the hot water, I was reminded that while many of my close girlfriends are married, I am so thankful that they have godly men that pursue them.
Again, it's all about I see the good!

Oh, and a parent from my class brought in her boys' old to Honduras they go! Love it!!!

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