Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old Funnies

I collect what my students say. They crack me up. Here are just a few of the conversations that occurred this year.
  • We were talking about vocabulary and using the words we learn. A student said that they used this word every day. Another student replied, "You do?" They replied with, "I use it in my mind every day." The other student came back with, "I do that too." I love their concept of using words. :)
  • One of my students hurt his crazy bone. (He meant funny bone.)
  • We were reading Amelia Bedelia to understand multiple meaning words. In one of the books, I had to explain what icing was (frosting vs. freezing) and prune (the noun and the action). As Amelia iced the fish (put frosting on them rather than freeze them) and then fed the fish to the ladies that had attended a shower, one of my students exclaimed, "Chocolate sushi."
  • And one of my favorites...I had a boy who passed gas every day. Every day. Sometimes it was silent, but most days it was loud and during a time I was reading to the class. Go figure. I finally had had enough. I pulled out my Oh Yuck book and read to the class what farting was all about. Flatulence. As I was reading and imparting gross knowledge to the class, my quirky one let one rip. It was loud. It was perfect timing. He let us know that he had done it on purpose. My chocolate sushi girl said, "Looks like he delivered some flatulence to the room." I had to stop and have a great belly laugh with my class. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

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